9XX Experience: Rules of Engagement

To ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe 9XX Experience, we have established the following Rules of Engagement:

  1. All engagements start with a free initial consultation (video call) via Microsoft Teams. This is a planning phase, during which we need your active input. If a multi-day engagement is deemed necessary for safety, please understand the decision.

  2. Full payment, NDA, and waiver via DocuSign are due upon schedule confirmation. Non-compliance may result in cancellation. Accepted payment methods include ACH, Venmo, Zelle, and Credit Card (5% fee). Personal checks aren't accepted.

  3. Owner participation is mandatory. If you're unable to perform certain tasks, we will assist. Failure to participate due to last-minute changes or physical limitations is a contract breach and may result in payment forfeiture.

  4. Adhere to all safety protocols of tools, equipment, facilities, and procedures. Any violation may lead to contract cancellation without refund. If safety isn't satisfactory, the engagement might be modified, postponed, or cancelled.

  5. For appointments at a 9XX Experience facility, contact your engineer to reschedule if you can't make it.

  6. Appointments during a tour or outside a 9XX Experience location cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. Failure-to-show may result in forfeiture of all payments and merchandise.

  7. Your vehicle's first impression impacts our detail level during installation. Show us your Porsche's best side.

  8. We don't compete with Porsche Service Centers. If your car needs any repair or campaigns, please visit your nearest Porsche Service Center.

  9. Engagement duration starts and ends as per schedule. Changes during the execution phase may incur additional time and charges.

  10. Completion is achieved when the job is 100% perfect as per our engineer. Estimated time is for reference only and doesn't determine job completion.