Installing a Turbo Spoiler on my 2014 Panamera S e-Hybrid

Date: 2018.07.08

With the departure of LEAF, I have an empty spot in my heart (and garage) that only an EV can fill. Tesla failed my range requirements, and the 2014 Panamera S e-Hybrid fitted that spot perfectly, almost.

The only thing I really missed/wanted very badly on my PSeH was the beautiful Turbo Spoiler, which came with GTS and Turbo S exclusively.



2018.04.04, I placed the order. 2018.04.26, I installed it on my Panamera. It did not work. Not a surprise, for I knew I needed additional harness, new programming. I spent the nest few days making the harness, checking everything twice, and programmed it.

With spoiler functioning perfectly, at 3am, I decided to hit the sack and look forward to test drive the next morning. 8am, I sat in my PSeH, very excited to experience my Turbo Spoiler for the first time, and Murphy’s Law won, and I bricked the Panamera. After two sleepless nights of panic, I found out that the root cause was that my Panamera ECU thought it’s a Turbo from head to toe. After reprogramming the ECU, each BCM and each component exactly what I really wanted, it worked, flawlessly like factory.

As seen from the video, it does not have any of the flaws that other retrofit installations have. Well, because it’s truly the same as a factory install. From the wires, pins, to the fuse location and relays, all are true to factory specs. It is not plug and play, and it’s not easy, but I must say… it is 99.999% perfect. The 0.001% is that this was not on the factory built sheet. Since then, I even figured out how to modify the spoiler deployment speed and angle.

I made it to PCA Peachstate Concours on 2018.05.06. Here are some pictures at the event.

To date, I have personally installed this same set up four more times internationally.

Please let me know what you think.




  • Anthony T Wong

    AREQUIOM: You can go to PIWIS and under Rear BCM, clear all error codes and it should work again.

  • arequiom

    bonjour il y a t il un branchement particulier le mien ne se déploie plus après avoir changer la batterie

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