9XX & Coffee New Jersey on July 31

Whether you have been scheduled to work with me on this tour, or on a future tour, or a proud owner of a Porsche vehicle, or a Porsche enthusiast, I am excited to meet you. 
RSVP to win free prizes for your Porsche.
Date and Time: Saturday, July 31, 2021 9am to 11am
You must RSVP and be present to enter drawing. Please bring a business card or piece of paper with your contact information that matches your RSVP message to enter the drawing. 
1x First prize: Choice of 9XX SmartAuto or Wireless CarPlay activation 
2x Second prize: 9XX CF B-pillar or CF side mirror cover
3x Third prize: 9XX Smart Driving Recorder (release by Q4 2021)
4x Fourth prize: 9XX SmartCharger2 (release by Q4 2021)
Winners will be announced on Sunday August 1 before noon.

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